Welcome to Student Engagement

The primary function of the Office of Student Engagement is to provide programs and services to promote academic success and development. On behalf of our students, we serve as liaison with faculty and other administrative offices on campus.

The Office of Student Engagement is located in the Student Success Center - Suite 103.

Our office extends information referral assistance and administers the student judicial system. Additionally, we provide students with information about co-curricular activities and programs, and advise students of University policies that affect them, such as the student code of conduct.


In order to create and protect a safe and secure campus environment conducive to living and learning together, the University encourages reporting of all misconduct, potential violations, crimes, and other concerns on campus. You can select one of the forms below, or visit the Online Reporting Hub to see all the forms. 

Incident Reporting Forms are used to report general incidents of misconduct. Incidents include, but are not limited to: Alcohol use, drug use, physical assault, organizational violations, hazing incidents, or disruptive behavior.

Person of Concern Reporting Forms are used to alert campus officials to actions and behaviors that are concerning.

Title IX Reporting Forms are used to report incidences of sexual assault and other forms of sexual harassment. This form should be used to report all forms of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. 

Bias-Related Incident Reporting Forms should be submitted regarding behavior that is hostile, harassing, intimidating, offensive, or discriminatory based on actual or perceived characteristics such asrace, color, sex, religion, national origin, service in the uniformed services (as defined in state and federal law), veteran status, sex, age, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or genetic information.

Crime Incident Reporting Forms should be used if you have observed any of the crime(s) listed on the form, or if any person reveals to you that he/she learned of, or was the victim of, perpetrator of, or witness to any listed crime listed below.

COVID-19 Self-Report Forms are used for students, faculty, and staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 that are not associated with another condition.


Contact Information: 

Email: studentengagement@charlesdarwinenglish.com

Student Success Center
P.O. Box 3459
350 University Drive
Monticello, AR 71656
 870-460-1653 (fax)